Monday, March 19, 2007


For my spring break I was supposed to go visit my aunt and uncle in Illinois but that fell through when my sister got asked to go to Arizona with Charlie and his cousin kate. so rather then going to illinois I went to my friend basketball tournment, they placed 4th. on sunday i went to cabelas bought some new fishing gear. otherwise i stayed home slept slept some more and did pretty much nothing on my spring break.

i like the classes i have this trimester. i' m not sure how this trimester is going to go because i have not been in all my classes yet. i am hoping my classes go ok .


Terri said...

Hi Jake! It's so cool that you have a blog! What a great assignment. Hope you have fun with it.

Logziella said...

Hi Jake! I am a blogger friend of your Mom's. Just thought I would say a quick "Hi" to you.

I hope your classes go good for you this semester.


Kim said...

Hi Jake!

I found you through your mom's blog! Welcome to the blogosphere. I know this is an assignment, but blogging is so much fun you may just want to keep on doing it!

Kristin said...

Wow ur spring break sounds like it was just as fun and exciting as mine. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi.

And u know u have fun with me everyday at lunch. Don't even lie. lol!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jake
It must be nice to have a cabelas near you. I have to order my fishing gear online or go to Wal-Mart. Of course the selection is not as good. Have fun with your blog and catch a lot of fish.

Groovy Lady said...

Hi Jake!

Welcome to the blogging world! Whatever teacher you have that assigned this as a project is a cool one. :D

Good luck with your classes!